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Burglar alarms installation and security systems for home and business in London

Protech Security is a firm dedicated to providing security solutions to a wide array of home and business customers, as well as other organisations which include the public sector, commercial, industrial, factories, banks and retail centres. As we are one of the leading specialists in security solutions and commercial alarm systems in London, we are confident that our services will provide the highest level of satisfaction and quality assurance, and will meet all your necessities for security systems and solutions. We have the privilege of providing the latest in technology regarding Closed Circuit TV, intruder detection, burglar alarms, and other systems, and have been operating to the highest degree since 2003. For more details, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Why not give our BT Redcare signalling service a go? BT Redcare signalling is the most acclaimed form of monitoring, providing the highest alarm signalling service available. Contrasting other alarm signalling services, Redcare not only notifies the ARC when it identifies a cut line, it also offers encryption to stop the exchange of equipment or spoofing (emulation or tricking) of line settings. This makes Redcare the most secure system of its kind.

There are two main types of signalling available:
Single path signalling: This method has only one path for signals to be sent and received. In case the path should fail, only the keyholders can be contacted. This is unlikely to satisfy most insurers, and in turn, not always the most sensible recommended solution.

Dual path signalling: This is the ideal method and is preferred by insurers as there are two paths where transmission can now take place. This ensures that there is a secondary transmission path should the first one fail. This is accomplished by using BT Redcare products.

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